Anyone else getting an unusual amount of draws

10/09/17 12:23
I've now had 4 draws in my league that's 40% of my games have been a draw every other game bar 1 I've lost the same is happening in tournies where i'd say at least 70% I lose the odd thing is the same strategy worked wonders last season now I can't win to save my life having changed nothing until today where I thought well i'm bored of drawing so I put on another setting I made in the space of about 5mins and I got yet again another draw like i'm beginning to think my games are fixed so I can't win anyone else having a similar issue?
10/09/17 18:56
10/09/17 19:15
I've gone through my schedule and had one draw the entire season and I've played a couple hundred games.

Seems its something with your strategy causing the draws or very evenly matched opponents.
11/09/17 00:20
I have generally found that low scoring draws (0-0, 5-5, 7-7) comes from one of the teams using game killing tactics. By which I mean, their general tactics (and individual tactics for their 10) dictate that they kick 100% of possession away.

I had a 176 star team defeat my 31 star team today only 9-0 even though they had 96% possession yet didn't score a try as literally every ball that reached the 10 was launched down the field (almost always out on the full or dead). I have come up against quite a few teams stronger than mine who simply seem to rely tactics like this to win. Surely a team nearly 150 star points stronger than mine should be putting them to the sword and running in tries!

If I come up against another team which is willing to throw the ball around, there will be a few tries on the score board (regularly score 2-3 per game). But if a similar/higher level team wants to play only for territory and penalties, then low scores on on the cards.