Wages question

05/02/17 13:06
Hi all
What happens if you fail to have enough money to pay players?
Anyone ever paused a building? Wondering if it restarts from scratch or from previous progress.
Thanks in advance.
05/02/17 16:12
Hi Brett. If you are unable to pay wages your players morale will fall thereby making your team play alot worse. Pausing your building has the same effect as cancelling it and the upgrade will have to start from scratch again.
05/02/17 23:55
Appreciate the answer Bulldog.
06/02/17 19:52
No problem Brett.
07/02/17 17:48

Hello everyone
Whether anyone could help me regarding formation of players.
So that it fitted with the player number 9 passes the ball players 10, 12, 13,.
He keeps playing Players Scrum and the ball can not get to the players on the 10th
Thank you