10/09/15 23:22

I've experienced several times going for a try, only to be stopped on 80 on the dot, in real rugby, the time will continue till a scrum or a line out, this also happens when scoring on say minute 78, the convertion attempt is mostly cut off before the kicker can kick
11/09/15 09:06
Agree. Very frustrating. Happened twice that I was on my way for the winning try and it stopped on 80.
13/09/15 08:45
This has happened to me multiple times but didn't concern me until now. I was down 7-12...scored the try and when my kick was just infront of the posts(about to converted), the time ran out!!! As such the result showed that i lost 7-12...my try didnt even update on the scoreboard and thus i lost! Please fix this issue
14/09/15 11:46
We will find a solution to this problem.