Patch 2.4

26/11/15 17:03
That will be much appreciated Pierre..

You could also allow some guild members to play more than if you have 20 vs 25 then the team with 20 teams can have 10 teams play 3 matches each or something of that sort..
01/12/15 18:53
Im the leader of my guild and i can't view anything that has to do with guild wars....but my right hand can...even when he "organize" it and i get a message...all that the message show is !(message.type.guild.wars.preparation)... Thats it, if i click on it the it greys out and i cant read it
02/12/15 09:54
The mobile app will be updated soon
02/12/15 15:30
03/12/15 20:46
Is this features going to be available for rugby manager to?