Z....thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it. For now the desire isn't really there but who knows what the future holds
Speaking the did help with others didn't. And another Truth....

This game needs Help as well. Love this game but Not liking what I'm seeing since I got back...smh
... Z ...
Finally, I thought you’d never leave. You’re team has been a shell for months...

J/K you were a big help, and it was always fun to play against you. When you’re so drunk the beer comes out of your toe, that’s when it’s time to stop.

Lmao.... I like to to think Beertoe is a Drunk form of
... Z ...
Example... see Johnny Manziel. Lol
Example... see Johnny Manziel. Lol
wait... did we just get the Beertoe story I've been waiting 2 years for? lol we've been wondering that one.
Yup, z tells it better tho.