starting a new guild

Just started a new guild and looking for teams to join. the name of the guild is The Valley Of Unrest
Hello Lost Souls.... I'm considering joining soon? Thinking about it anyway? Definitely not my first time playing but need a smaller Guild to grow and Not get my Ass Kicked every GC until Stronger.

Is this your first Team or a Second Chance? Just curious?

Z Nation Militia aka Z
first time playing this particular game
Play the game how you want, but if you're up for some advice. Join a guild and learn a bit before trying to teach others. Usually guild leaders are teachers, js.
Well decided to Join a Guild that has my Name on it. The Great Guys I use to play with honored me by using my name so Z-Nation Militia has Joined Z Nation Empire. Be cool and keep grinding...see ya on the field.

... Z ...
thanks for the advice Thou Mayest...but since it is a free game and there is nothing to be gained or lost I think it is more challenging to figure things out on my own instead of somebody telling me what to do
z you can hang with the brotherhood traing guild bro we have no problem knowing where your going when your ready

let me know and i;ll make you some room in hookers and beer
just seen your post about joining your namesake
very cool of them
GL on the ride up
Thanx Brother... Surprised me to be honest
We had to honor a lost Brother glad he is back from the DEAD. Now its time to kick azz