Few Crew

Grats on that qb bro.. you have no idea how much you earned him

so I work 12 hours both sat and sunday.. I was shot.. fell in a recliner.. had just started a 2 hour train...

I look from my phone and see your playing me on a map game..

went to heal my key players quick.. but my eyes are not what they once were.. long story short I ended up selling a max QB age 21....

thought it was fitting that you took the bid and won him lol

having a blast playing you this season..

took me the first 3-4 games to get dialed in so i ended up 4th..

Grats on winning a tough Champ season... it was fun

your still a beast bro!

try not to beat me too bad with my old QB.. lol

Lehigh Valley Outlaws

P.S I'll be pissed at myself till he retires lol
Lol he already whipped me with him. Dangit.