Who's the comedian? ... Major Mismatch

One thing ya never do ... is put a cap on a player at 40 ... then match him up against people who are not capped at 40.

Is this not obvious?
I regularly win map games against team's in higher levels. It's not perfect but there's noone in my championship worth playing. Other guys in my guild have won matches up to 8 levels above them also
aBaLL, and the others, have already mentioned everything you need to know. Neither the programmers, nor the computer, controls rankings. It is completely up to each individual player. If you challenge someone and win, you take their spot. If you lose that challenge you stay in the same spot. If you are challenged and lose you drop one spot. If a player behind you in the rankings defeats someone in front of you in the rankings you drop 1 spot. Any team of much higher caliber who is on your map has either done so on purpose, or quit playing and dropped. By your description it sounds like there are other options on your map that are within your league level. If you ever get to the point where no one on your map is beatable you have risen too far. Your only option at that point is to stop playing map games for a few days so you can fall backwards to where you can win. When I first started playing I did not understand how all the different types of games were connected. Champ games and Tourney games have nothing to do with rankings on the Match map. And Match games have nothing to do with any of the other games. They are only for making some money, gaining fans and experience, and pride in your ranking. The rankings on that map do not carry over to any of the other types of games.
To add to that, when you challenge people look at their ranking. If you challenge someone 100 place's ahead of you and win you will be faced with harder matches than if you beat someone 5 places ahead of yourself.