Racist retiring,

Lets hope the racist does retire at level 105.
The best.
adios racist, famous for five minutes.
Wow snipper i bet that thrashing hurt
Why did you about having cancer
Sniper* :


Thought u was retiring u ******* ****!! The world is round and you’re a ****
Huw Watkins ... Wales the cheat .... I would rather be illiterate than a fraud and a cheat like you ...
Now its my time to talk ,.. You were helped by me and I sent you strats ... one was the Ivory one and my Sniper one? Steve Davis who was at Assassins with me who I also gave my strats to is now with you and of course you now play pretty much a mirror image of me... 14 kick and chase with the 11 switch... mmm ...
MR BIG MOUTH ... who has slandered me everywhere on this forum ... so childish.

You were caught and found wanting ... hypocrisy at it's best... they say the one who blows the most bubbles is the biggest bullshitter...

One word...!!! CHECKMATE LOSER
And that post that says Sniper is not me ... you see what goes around comes around and the joke is on you and damage ... famous last words hey!!! You stated La Cag are cheats ... splutter!!! Look in the mirror there is the biggest cheat of them all... YOU!!! and still you cannot beat me ... that's the biggest laugh and you carry the 0-77 loss in a rank game whereby you were the challenger ... Priceless...

Now that you are now banned ... I suggest you go play Candy Crush!!!