Logic in Challengers

Where is the logic in Challengers.....OR what System if there is one when inviting a challenge. MY example from the following facts.....
Position according to Fan base = 155 vs 58
Position according to Challenge points = 126 vs 59......
No guild has 126 guild challenge points
no he is giving their ranking of 126th, but you need to base it on the points each of those guilds have, not their ranking
I am currently leader of black venom we have 3 guys level 80 and above our opposition SA Rugby stars has 7 players over 80 or above on paper they should rip us apart but with good planning it's not impossible for us to win but it's relies on our op 3 guys picking up max points, Somehow tho we have 55 challenge points to their 49 even though they have better depth of squad than us but I don't pride the guild on levels I pride it on actvity cos if you can get a skilled player whose active great but it's meaningless if they don't show and I'd rather develop potential talent but what i'm saying is going back to the point of where is the logic I don't think there is any we've had some really easy soft GC's and we've had guilds way out of our league