Home team MB notification system

So we are all making peace with MB, it becomes part of the game eventually.
My Proposal:
The Home team decides whether he uses MB or not, 6-12 hrs prior to the match, and then the challenger can decide whether he wants to also use or not, once the notification arrives about the home team decision.
But the challenger can not use if the home team opts for no MB.
What you think?
It is a fact that It is part of the game, so I do not see any point in complaining when it is used. But that is not the same as agreeing that it is a good part of the game, especially in the top few levels.
If we have mb I would vote against this idea (still don't like mb but whatever). One thing that can be said about mb is that it's a strategy with a lotto feel. Using mb may or may not help, using mb costs loads of money (higher up this doesn't matter as much since there are no improvements to make) but you have to decide if you are going to use it and how much and all of this is based on what you predict your opponent will do. If you know what your opponent will do then it takes one of the small positive elements of mb away