create another account and you get a decent team

Just created another account wanted to see what happen first thing that happened was I didn't start as a level 1 so i thought ok then I found my league had already ended without actually playing a match , i then went to my strat base to find i've got a better team as a complete newbie than that the rating given to my new team is higher than that of my main side thats been playing for years like how is that right?
Yeah, It's pretty much like that with my third team but have decided to call it a day on all three accounts (for a while anyway) as I'm playing Black Ops 4 and fun level just amplified how ch*t this game is. Good luck mate, you still have my email address, so don't be a stranger.

I'm not leaving my teams in a "lose" strat, if only just to hinder certain teams out there


John (AFC Millwall)