starting a new guild

07/02/19 05:43
Just started a new guild and looking for teams to join. the name of the guild is The Valley Of Unrest
07/02/19 12:37
Hello Lost Souls.... I'm considering joining soon? Thinking about it anyway? Definitely not my first time playing but need a smaller Guild to grow and Not get my Ass Kicked every GC until Stronger.

Is this your first Team or a Second Chance? Just curious?

Z Nation Militia aka Z
08/02/19 03:04
first time playing this particular game
08/02/19 03:39
Play the game how you want, but if you're up for some advice. Join a guild and learn a bit before trying to teach others. Usually guild leaders are teachers, js.
08/02/19 04:22
Well decided to Join a Guild that has my Name on it. The Great Guys I use to play with honored me by using my name so Z-Nation Militia has Joined Z Nation Empire. Be cool and keep grinding...see ya on the field.

... Z ...
08/02/19 04:35
thanks for the advice Thou Mayest...but since it is a free game and there is nothing to be gained or lost I think it is more challenging to figure things out on my own instead of somebody telling me what to do
08/02/19 13:54
z you can hang with the brotherhood traing guild bro we have no problem knowing where your going when your ready

let me know and i;ll make you some room in hookers and beer
08/02/19 13:55
just seen your post about joining your namesake
very cool of them
GL on the ride up
08/02/19 17:11
Thanx Brother... Surprised me to be honest
08/02/19 17:49
We had to honor a lost Brother glad he is back from the DEAD. Now its time to kick azz