High lev AH players

17/10/18 18:37
is it me or is there a totle lack of decent players once you crack lev 50?

This season and last it's just been crap IMO..

by lev 50 you know not to touch the players with crap training and recovery,,,, yet it seems 90% of whats on the AH are just useless......

Is this so more people are forced to buy players? cause the random numbers they get when the system makes them is just pissed off .. no idea.. but for real devs.. drop the sub 100'ies already.. i dont mind spending a few bucks to support the game. but i am not liking be pushed into it a whole lot...
feels like you are pushing the old timers away from the game....
and I kind of like having them around....
seems like such a small adjustment...
18/10/18 00:39
You are not the only one that sees the problem with the AH. It's had mostly crap for a long time. I think the same thing, pushing teams to buy players. I don't poo poo on anyone who buys a few players, but I haven't and won't. Also hard for me when most auctions end after midnight EST, I have to bid high and hope for the best
18/10/18 00:45
ya all the champ games going off when i am sleeping now as well...
18/10/18 00:49
Same here brother, although sometimes I feel like the AI plays better than me Lol
18/10/18 02:15
there was a time i had an online and offline setup...prob should just go back too that,,,

this game.. it's like being addicted to a ugly hooker I sware
18/10/18 21:43
They honestly need a way to allow a team to take x many stats from this skill and put them on that skill. Thus making crappy players a bit more tuned for what you want.
22/10/18 04:36
The problem is at all levels. Ive been playing a couple of years and they just keep choking the talent. Far as I know this is what failing companies do; throttle the few they have left.