how can i train just 1 player?

19/02/18 16:49
how can i train just 1 player?
I have tried to select and deselect players it will only let me auto train?
19/02/18 22:44
Go into your training building and in the bottom left corner there's a little box that says select all. Click it once to select every player, click again to select no one. Then find the players or players you want to train and click the box next to their name. Then click on which train you like.
P.S. Never auto train
20/02/18 23:52
Thank You for your help....BUT all that comes up is the auto train feature. How do i get to the train one player.? Once i do a quick train... I dont have any feature that comes up as only one player. What am i missing. Sorry and thanks.
21/02/18 01:11
Go into your training building and click on a specific player. You will see 6 tabs, general, off skills, def skills physical and mental, health, and transfer. Click a tab to see the different skills then add your points how you wish.
25/04/18 14:53
I believe quick train automatically applies training points to all players. It does this because there is no health penalty with a quick train. As there is no bonus for only training one player, you really want to select all the players you can. Only reason to unselect a guy is if they are really low on health AND you need them for an upcoming game.