If you are a NEW PLAYER to this game, please read

20/01/17 22:22
I highly encourage you to ask any and all questions. Just like that old saying, "there is no such thing as a stupid question"

Wait , there is one. "Is Jason Riley actually handsome?" Well DUH!! Of course I am I!!! I am a stranger on the internet, and everything I say is true!

Anyway, when I began I asked TONS of questions. Some seem silly now, like "Does upgrading the strategy building help teach my guys how to run plays cause they don't seem to be listening."

No, it doesn't. Unfortunately.

Point being, I would like to direct you to TOGO's beginners tavern. A lot of helpful hints to help out those who just came aboard, though we tend to get off track at times. But a wonderful starting place.

I hate to see someone come in, get frustrated because they can't figure out the game, and there is no true instruction manual, and the more players we have and stay, so will the game.

And if you want to know the truth, the strategy building simply helps with parking tickets.

Damn, that was funnier in my head before my computer locked up, and I lost track of what I was saying.

Carry on.
Myrtle Beach Raiders- Coalition of Conquerors.

Seriously, my computer just locked up for like 8 minutes and 17 seconds. I was counting.
21/01/17 01:57
wow an just how did you beat me hmmmm lmao
22/01/17 14:46
Mark, how does anyone not win against you??? Hahahaha im joking buddy, hope u didnt take it hard. I have great respect for your team!