All in favor of keeping mb

28/08/17 14:28
I am not signing this one, just creating. Please only comment beyond this point if you are in favor of mb. This will be good compare with the other one and see if we are right that most people want mb gone.
29/08/17 00:07
If you are making the thread BM, at least get it right; it is: In favoUr!
29/08/17 00:44
Dangit, I'm trying hard to come around to your ways. Trying not to add too much color in here. Regardless, I will just kick back and drink some sweet tea from this aluminum can I have. Maybe watch some fly half's play some defense and not submit to the sovereignty of a queen. Cheerios (btw, why do you guys say goodbye by mentioning a breakfast cereal, it's always perplexed me)
29/08/17 18:56
Keep it at 10%. I think it's the happy medium.
01/09/17 09:51
Mb and the sportshop must go.
01/09/17 12:02
guest_1464800590651 :

Mb and the sportshop must go.

Can you not read?
02/09/17 21:38
Black Monks :

guest_1464800590651 :

Mb and the sportshop must go.

Can you not read?
Well said
04/09/17 07:33
Ok the only reason i can see for keeping mb is for teams in the top levels who have maxed their buildings too spend game case on. Otherwise the only thing they can spend it on is in the sports shop and the prices are crazy enough now. Thats the only reason i have for keeping mb and please dont register as a full vote for it monks more of a quarter vote for it
14/12/17 19:04
Just an update on this post, we have 2 people for keeping mb and the remove mb topic has 31 PAGES requesting/demanding an end to mb. I believe the community has spoken