Running out of money

02/08/17 00:18
What happens if you run out of money before the next payday time?
02/08/17 04:38
Your morale drops due to inability to pay your players. If you don't pay me for my work I won't do good work in the future.
02/08/17 19:59
Really I thought you worked for free on the award winning BMRS ratings BM
02/08/17 21:37
Award winning? Where is the trophy?
03/08/17 06:25
Somewhere in cyber space.
07/08/17 15:33
Errr thanks I think - I decided to not find out for sure and nicked one of my guilds gvg games - they didn't mind they are good guys
07/08/17 16:21
If you don't have enough money to pay your players their morale drops, as stated. Don't have to test it