Special tournaments ?

28/04/18 16:19
Perhaps that true, lightsout82uk, but regardless of the dodgy nature of this game in favour of the Iranians, i.e. fixed league championship to help them get easy promotions, etc, my guild mates and I will just play and get whatever gate money and gold balls we are given.

Simple reason for this? It is just a game and even if we win every tournament and league, it gains us nothing and no one is going to be wealthy and world famous, etc.

If there is anyone who has written more nasty and vulgar posts than me to Sleazy Nitro or the Iranian forum, believe me, I will be truly surprised!!!! lmao!!!! I even have another account banned from posting here permanently as well, and am not even bothered!

I have also done things to get real money back from Sleazy Nitro via Facebook based on legal reasons, etc....

Have a great weekend and take it easy, guys, and stop all the internal bitching between non-Iranian guilds. Try to have fun with this convoluted game, nonetheless.....
13/05/18 11:47
*_!_* :

The first special tournament was won by a non-Iranian team, and a total of nearly 700 gold balls was received in total for winning the tournament.

So, even though the fixtures favour the Iranians, it is not impossible to beat these cheaters. Be warned that these scums will get their guild mates to play you in friendlies to try to suss you out, etc.

Tweak your settings (put high aggressiveness; low rhythm and low speed of pass) and leave a crappy formation till 10 minutes before the match kicks off.......

We need to play for the sake of showing we will not give up without a fight, and that good guys can win despite the odds.

Yeah, someone from my guild won it, If I remember rightly we had 3 of our guild in the Semi's... that must of REALLY hacked off Nitro and "certain" nations