15/04/19 00:53
Also what happened to your best teams? Oh shit they went back to their old guids what the phuck. Guessing you are a whore that will sell yourself to anyone witch makes you our bitch? Am I right or not?
15/04/19 03:36
So you say you're not good enough, I believe You said it. No, I have no memory of you what so ever, and while I was there, I damn sure don't remember you. You must not have been that important...don't worry, it happens. And as fares beating me, so, what's your point? I've beat you, you beat me...that's the nature of the game. On any given day, any team can win. Skill matters, but luck plays a big part sometimes. Who gets the opportunistic TO, who gets the ball last, it's all good man. And you can call it what you like, y'all left to train. You see, the Pimps don't seem to mind playing guilds with lower level teams they know they can beat, but it sounds like you're saying that when a guild comes around that y'all don't know you can beat, you guys would rather run away and train. Try drinking milk, buddy, it might help. I always thought the Pimps were an honorable guild, always ready for any challenge. I was naive, I drank the Pimps kool-aid, something...then I find out y'all cut tail and run at the sign of a real challenge. I also heard the Pimps had done this same thing once before, but that's only hear say, I wasn't around to witness that. All this to preserve that perfect record y'all are so proud of...but I think that perfect record has an asterisk of sorts by it...just saying...
15/04/19 03:57
Ok bitch you don't remember me you are a lying piece of shit you would wait until we went to low moral and training before you would even try to play us talk all the shit you want you punk ass fucking cunt meet me in person I will rip out your eyes and skull fuck you like the bitch you are
15/04/19 04:14
Ohhh... You're such a I don't make idle threats at a computer screen knowing you'll never see that person and have to answer for all the childish name calling you did. In truth, if you ever met me, boy, you'd probably shit and fall back in it. Wait a minute, I think I hear you're mommy calling you, you know the rules, no Internet until you finish your homework...
15/04/19 04:17
I'm in south California, where you at??
15/04/19 04:19
Hey Harley weren't you a Ghost before you were a Pimp?
15/04/19 04:46
What perfect record, Before they were Pimps they had Aggie McNasty ( the guy they rode the coat tails of to get there ) and Pitt was also there at the time Pro Bowlers beat them in a Guild Battle. Now you may have change the name but the results are the same that old guild you were in had been beat. I should know I was RockHound #1 in this game for a while after I beat McNasty and he soon retired. Im being very nice in explaining this and have a lot of respect for all the Pimp old and current. This is a game and thats how i view it. If you look back at how many seasons ive been here i may be one of the oldest teams here. Why someone would call out a whole guild doesent make sense but at times what does in this game.
15/04/19 04:50
LOL this is my young team, ICE 24 has been here for 2 and a half years. there are very few teams left that were here back then.
15/04/19 06:15
Iced #24 :

LOL this is my young team, ICE 24 has been here for 2 and a half years. there are very few teams left that were here back then.

Really nice to hear ya. I think that was the first time but I'm not sure.

I don't give a damn f uck about any titles. I just like to win and that is what we have done since I'm with the pimps . You guys started a new guild and we started a new guild....
Where is the problem?
Everything we do, everything we are is bad...

Guys honestly: every third word here in forum is "pimps"... Idk if it's a obsession? Fanboys?

Let us do what we have to do (almost every guild has done that - talking about a relaxed training time) and think whatever you like.
15/04/19 07:25
It’s really not that complicated...

Since CNY retired the pimps suffer from a lack of strong leadership. So when they saw WTF form, they ran and hid.

Members of WTF thought the “super” guild was the best thing until they realized they would rather lose than have Randy boss them around. So they left.

So now you have both the Pimps and WTF doubting themselves if they can beat each other. It’s really a lack of effective leadership in both guilds. The Pimps basically have leadership by default as their leaders retire. While WTF leaders are more community organizers types than fighters.