To The Bar

28/11/18 09:47
If anyone from The Bar sees this, ya'll are the one major guild that I'd consider joining because I remember playing with redskins. Thanks for the invite but sorry, just looking to stay off to the side instead of in a major guild for now. I'll probably try to join up later.
04/12/18 00:19
Join Fast Risers!
04/12/18 04:42
Hey Super Ninja,

I invited you, you're a good competitor. Your welcome to join any time when you feel like competing.

Thou Mayest
04/12/18 16:42
Super Ninja it's been a long time good to see you coming back.
10/12/18 01:23
Hey ninja , hahaha it's been a long time for sure . You definitely helped me get a good start in the game . Come join us at The Bar buddy .
11/12/18 22:50
Fast Risers has a spot for you.
12/12/18 00:38
I've found a good home at the Bar. Laid back group of guys, joking around, telling stories, and willing to teach you what you need to know to be great in this game. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to play, but I'll be at the Bar till I stop...
12/12/18 03:56
Ninja Pimp would be bad ass!!! Hahahhaha
07/02/19 05:12
Hey Super Ninja...long time. So if you remember me from forums...I'm still around. I'm with The Bar guild and named ORCA... I killed Sam Tech long ago.