Championship games

31/12/16 21:46
The upper level members in our guild (8+) have blank pages where their upcoming championship series schedule should be. Those at level 7 and below have schedules. My question is when will all the schedules be available and when will the new series begin?
02/01/17 11:31
Hi Judd. It would seem there was a problem when the new matches were generated and the developers have been made aware of this. The problem should hopefully resolved soon.
02/01/17 14:55
It should be sorted now, if anybody still don't have games scheduled please let us know.
02/01/17 15:28
It appears everyone in our guild has a schedule now. And furthermore, ones that had schedules now have new schedules, but we are all on the same time frame now.
02/01/17 15:34
Thanks for the update Judd, much appreciated.
02/01/17 16:31
oops, we do have 1 problem. There is one guild member with no opponents nor a schedule. New England Patriots, level 6, is "oops, this player is not in a championship series." Everyone else is good to go, even the other level 6s.
02/01/17 16:56
looks like we are all only getting 11 games with 14 teams in a championship.. not sure if thats a bug or intended just pointing it out
02/01/17 17:11
aaaand now New England Patriots has a schedule. all good here.
02/01/17 18:07
I've asked if the 11 games are correct, will keep you guys posted.
03/01/17 15:18
So I guess we are only playing 11 games and we will not play everyone in the season great.