New 'default' strategy folders

08/10/16 16:27
Why do new, fully-active, 'default' strategy folders keep showing up? The default plays do NOT suit my team which is why I've taken the time to tailor all the plays in my playbook, but matches are being impacted because plays are being run from these new active folders. I've already deleted them multiple times this morning, but they keep returning.
09/10/16 13:52
Sames mate I was proper pissed this morning when I logged onto to find about 3 or 4 random folders and my players running like tortoises. I'd also be tempted to check your settings of your other folders that you've created as mine had been reset
09/10/16 19:34
Just came in to see if anyone was talking about this. It will pop up every time I play a game please fix this asap it is really annoying.
10/10/16 02:09
Got the same freaking problem. It pops up, all actions activaded with sliders at 50% or 0%. It happened 3 times today.

10/10/16 10:35
Indeed we've found the bug and it should be fixed, if not please tell us. Sorry for the inconvenience.
10/10/16 15:10