Who is really at fault?

19/04/20 21:06
When I started playing this game it was possible to compete at or near the top just by being a (relatively) good player who was prepared to spend/waste enough time online. The top player and Guild rankings changed frequently. The forum was very active, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. If you knew what you were doing, you could build and maintain a strong team just by exploiting the AH, etc, etc.

Over a period of time, the most common requests to the developers to change the game were to remove MB and to introduce auto-subs. In general, these requests came from the players who were spending significant amounts of real money on the game and that is perfectly understandable. It is also understandable that the developers might choose to implement these changes, they have an absolute right to earn money from this game.

La Cag have only ever been upfront about the fact that they consider “match fixing” as simply being helping one of their players. Damage may have pushed the boundaries but (in my opinion) their players are just better than most at exploiting the boundaries.

And here’s the thing, the future of the whole game cannot be down to what happens to two Guilds. I quit competing a while ago but that does not mean that I do not care about the game. SN, you have to rebalance the game if you want to ensure a long term income.

19/04/20 21:34
You speak sense my friend. After all this sh1t had cleared up I've been thinking maybe alot of people have retired because of boredom (I am guilty of this on two occasions). All you look forward to in the game is your league matches in the morning and the guild challenges, and maybe your tournament match depending what time it kicks off, Normally for us it's when we're in bed. So apart from that the game doesn't offer us anything else to do on it. Maybe Sweetnitro can offer us daily challenges to complete to earn rewards or something along those lines. I'm sure some people out there can think of ways to add something to the game to make it better.
19/04/20 23:51
Completely agree. Daily challenges for GB's or RP's would be awesome. The waiting times for some upgrades needs to be reduced too. Over 40 days some people are reporting, that's just nuts. Look at the players in the AH too. At the top end it's mainly Visa players, well they are the only ones worth bidding on, and these get boosted by guild mates so they get as many RP's as possible for their player. If there were better SN provided players available, this would be if benefit to teams playing.

Will have a further think about what type of challenges that could be introduced for standard rewards. But along the lines of what is available for new teams I guess, just tougher to achieve for seasoned players.

Time we all worked together again.
20/04/20 18:36
Rewarding rankings would be a start.
20/04/20 18:50
Totally agree with everyone. Sweet Nitro are the authors of their own destruction and it is only really a highly dedicated cult0like following that is keeping it alive. They need to do a lot more to pay back everyone who supports the game, financially or otherwise.

However, and here's the kicker, THEY ARE F*CKING SH*T. There's no point mincing words at this point. People have asked for change in the game for years and they just treat us all with contempt and/or just plain ignore us.

20/04/20 20:00
How about a player buyout , a game owned by the players.