Anyone ever won (or lost) a match by over 100?

13/09/18 14:41
had a guild mate manage to lose 0-91, earlier in the season, anyone ever get to three figures?
13/09/18 14:52
91 was my Max and we did it intentionally with them in max rhythm, max attack speed, kick to 14 and all subs used on 14. If anyone got to triple digits I would like to watch it.
13/09/18 22:51
Seen a few 91-0 games but they are very rare and were all Kick to 13. I honestly don't think there is enough time in a game for more even if 13 is subbed twice.
13/09/18 23:13
Like most things in rugby the blame lies with a back. Kicker has to take their sweet time....
14/09/18 01:06
Always love those arguments......Lost try from 5m out:

Tight Head Prop to 15..."Why were you not across to cover that winger and prevent the score?"

15 to Tight Head Prop..."Why are we so close to the line in the first place with them winning all the ball from you?"
14/09/18 01:08
You'd need 15 tries. It takes between 5-6 clock minutes to take the conversion and then return to half way and receive a kick. So you do pretty much need a straight run in to the line every time to get close. 13 is obviously doable because people are reporting seeing it. 14 you would need everything to run perfect and you may run it in after the whistle. And you know if anyone does ever score 15 tries in the match - that's going to be the time your kicker inexplicably misses 3 kicks.
19/10/18 07:56
91-0 is the most i've lost by. Ans i was trying lol