Strange behaviour

06/04/18 04:19
A strange thing started to happen to my 10 and 12 while playing a game. My 10 would just randomly run toe the ruck and try to get the ball while I already have posesion. This makes it easy for the opponent to score if he got a turn over. And then sometimes when my nr 10 passes the ball to my nr 12 my nr 12 runs away from my 10 almost to the position of my nr 13 to recieve the ball. This causes the oponents 12 and 13 to tackle him everytime. Is there something in my strategy I can change? Is it a bug maybe? This is causing me to lose alot of games.
06/04/18 04:34
Attack and defense spacing most likely
06/04/18 10:26
Attack spacing is at 70
06/04/18 19:42
Not only yours....