21/10/17 07:44
Dexter here, instead of a kick, what about a tap and run option? I also asked previously about set piece moves, any news?
21/10/17 08:19
I think the lack of strategic and gameplay improvement of the last update is a pretty clear answer.

The tap kick idea has been floating around for more than a year now so its been mentioned but never implemented
21/10/17 12:37
I have suggested this before but obviously has been ignored:

An extra set of Tabs for Penalty Choices...not much programming involved.....

Whatever you set below is hardcoded and requires no pause in the game (make your choices beforehand) :

1. 40-60m (Kick at Goal/Scrum/Kick for touch/Tap and Go).
2. 20-30m (As above)
3. 15-20m (As above)
4. 5-10m (As above).

Your choice as to what you pick and it wouldn't matter if online or off....there would be no pause in the game.