Recruiting tactics

21/01/18 05:47
Just seen new recruiting tactic- Level 52 vs Level 3 team x 3 times !.
Please STOP scouting my guilds....... Liverpool65.
21/01/18 12:44
he didn't get an invite i was messing with SF as I know him from another game only reason I play him
21/01/18 12:52
i play lots of friendlies random opponents levels everyday game would be boring if i played the same players all the time. Although I do have my favourites I was being generous too if you look at some of the scores but I also play certain players every season so I can play them again and track them should they move guilds or become available and obvs if we have a space .
22/01/18 09:34
Play me as often as you like Ash, I dont mind. I know its not a recruitment approach but clock the wins up while you can, when I grow up to be a big strong team I will exact my revenge lol.

Cheers buddy, all the best.
22/01/18 17:21
Good luck Guest and if you ever do wanna team up i'd happily take you in and teach you all i know