New training matches

28/07/15 21:28
This new training match system with the map is not working. I only have one team on my map and its a guild member. Now why would guild members want to take fans from each other????

I am getting challenged by other teams and losing fans, but i have no options to play other teams to regain my fans back.

Please fix this

29/07/15 10:28
A bug has been fixed, you must be able to change an opponent if you don't to play against him.
30/07/15 16:45
still cant change opponents, i click replace , im asked if i want to replace opponent?, i click yes and get this message

"ooops! something went wrong
01/08/15 00:51
I'm also getting the message, I raised a ticket and they said bug has been fixed. They also mentioned that there might not be other oppositions with similar level team - this is a real disadvantage to us since we cannot regenerate fans and others can attack us.
01/08/15 22:45
i have 8 other stadiums on my training game map, i only have 2 teams to play and both are in my guild .....i can not replace them, and there is no other teams to play?????????

its getting annoying now, i am losing fans and do not have any options to regenerate them.

please help and fix this

22/09/15 20:06
I do not like the new way