Liverpool 65

25/04/18 21:47
Please stop bitching about other players so openly since you can do that in your guild chat, no?
26/04/18 01:58
26/04/18 02:00
26/04/18 13:46
Ash and Gregory, you two guys need to stop this constant posting against Liverpool and his guild. i have accounts in both guilds, and to be honest within the guild environments both leaders are fine but on forums you guys are an absolute embarrassment.

Because of your relentless posts here, and no other reason, I am on the verge of pulling my support and going elsewhere. no one on these forums is interested in having your petty squabbles rammed down their throats day after day. build a bridge and get over it so the forum can be a platform for real discussion.

Al the Pal.

26/04/18 20:06
Theres a reason we dislike liverpool we aint personally just decided to hate on him basically he mocked rebels for being lower in the guild standings than strikers a while back. Gregory hates him for inviting him and putting him on n GC's but not allowing him to play and then removing him from strikers but the man is bully no two ways about it.
26/04/18 22:28
You are both (Ashley & Gregory) becoming a total embarrassment, keep it to your own guild chat as this forum should be for proper items of discussion and is not an extension of your own guild chit chat. Show some respect please. And no, I am not a Strikers guild member incidentally
26/04/18 22:39
What guild are you in Matty? i might be interested in checking it out if you guys have room.
27/04/18 02:34
27/04/18 20:25
arselickers will be arselickers gregory they don't understand they judge for the current but some of us don't have short memories. I stand by everything i've said with absolutely no regrets. However this post was supposed to be ideas and i don't see the idea of this post no more but think enough has been said . Embarrassments we maybe i call it raising awareness.
27/04/18 21:22
Fools, as I asked, keep your rotten opinions of others behind closed doors as nobody is interested in what you think!!! Is this the A&G forum?? NOPE!!!!!