Ridiculous fees for players

22/06/16 00:10
Mij :

There is a lot of bid blocking going on which is annoying to say the least. The reality is that the pay to progress system has a finite life (as can be seen by many a MMO game) and without additional challenges it also provides a finishing point to what could be a great system if some material changes were made. Unless and until systematic and significant changes arrive then this game is going to sadly go into terminal decline.

In my opinion it already has Mij when the developers stopped .... developing!!
22/06/16 13:24
Kevin Starland :

in lvl21 auction a No 8 aged 30 140* rating sold for over 100K in RP's

That was me dumping my recruiter coins to one of my teammates.. given up the game so they put up one of their shit players for sale and i buy it with teammates forcing the price up .
23/06/16 10:31
I also have paid ridiculous amounts for crap players as i am leaving the game aswell..and im passing on coins to a mate!
23/06/16 10:41
Okay me too I'm guilty
23/06/16 13:16
Why are you guys all leaving?
23/06/16 15:33
Tiaan Haarhoff :

Why are you guys all leaving?

Boredom and lack of challenge, development.
23/06/16 15:55
How long are you still sticking around Taff?I test my strategies against you...haha
23/06/16 17:00
End of July unless the upgrades etc happen.

Feel free to keep testing til then lol.

Which team are you ,,,, I am gong to guess at tomix lol
23/06/16 21:05
Haha how did you know?
23/06/16 21:05
Maybe the 100' of games I play haha