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17/07/18 20:15
Recently we invited a group of teams into our guild, once there one of them kept on asking to be made up to leader or a right hand, once it became apparent that it wasn't going to happen, 2 of the 4 teams jumped & left the guild but not before leaving some offensive comments on chat, then the other 2 teams played for themselves & we're promptly kicked.

I was going to leave it at that but now these guys have landed at Hyperion & looks like they're doing there thing again.

SO if you see these teams & thinking of inviting them please be aware that they are just out for themselves


Greybeard Griffins from #1
18/07/18 03:55
Hahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!! Thought you have been around for a while? See a few names I recognize lol
18/07/18 03:58
They might all be the same person
18/07/18 08:35
Jammie as always thanks for your input, I knew Fisher & Bucs1 are one and the same, had my suspicions that the other two teams was his as well but wasn't 100%.

Regardless anyone who thinks about inviting him/them should forget it as they/he is more trouble than t(he)y are worth

Greybeard Griffins
18/07/18 21:50
Always happy to share my two cents Lol
15/08/18 22:37
Haha! Grey, got them, "him" in guild challenge now. Hurts my feelings. Don hasn't threatened my life in almost a year!
16/08/18 00:56

16/08/18 01:00

you really dont care that the game is not making upgrades as long as you win right?.notice people are not spending money,,,now why is that i am sure tdm greatly appreciates you guys...and no grey buddy you are wrong but it is easy to follow you in subs games you stir crap in every single game.just saying....cheers mate
16/08/18 01:25
and guys no one cares ok why must you make complete fools of your selves like that all you have to do is follow you in other sweet nitro games people are not as dumb as you would like to think so jason,,, who cares everyone knows exactly who and what you guys are ,,,you do not work you.... lay on video games all day long and brag about what high quality people you are,,,,if you win 100 to nothing it dont matter at the end of the day you guys are the ones being named,,,and shamed for just being crap stirring burdons on society again cheers mate
16/08/18 01:29

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