Greybeard Griffens

09/12/17 03:46

Thank you for replying 3 weeks later. I had completely forgotten about this post. See here's the thing. Yes it is a calculated move to attack someone when they are at low energy and yes climbing the ladder I get it. But, once you have gotten into that top 5 and you are relying on that to get to the top spot or if you are at the top spot and sit and only attack the people below you that are at low energy seems wellllll kinda chickens4it. The night I posted this. I watched you hit 3 teams who had JUST hit 2-4 hour trained and then use your other two on a team that was a level below you. Play your games brother I'm all for it, but have a little integrity when doing it. As far as settling it on the field, I'm good I've won 81% of our matchups on my schedule.

And for your secret buddy guesteefzm6 you can't use MB on map games so none of us have used it to get to the top.

09/12/17 04:45

To be honest with you it was only by luck I saw your post as I rarely ever look at the forum, so my apologies for the tardiness of my reply.

Everything we do is always going to be seen from a different perspective, so while you feel the way you do I can only say I don't intentionally go out of my way to play teams with low energy or lower ratings, sometimes it happens to be that way, other times I could play 5 times against whoever is top at that point, when new teams come up into the top10 I like to play them as its a new experience rather than keep playing the same teams.
As it goes any team I play can always take me on as its not like I can hide anywhere!

Yes indeed you do have the better of me in head to head games, but the fact it's around 81% in your favour goes to show that my game has improved because when I first started to crack the top10 I couldn't hardly get a first down against you let alone a win!

I look forward to our battles as I do with all the teams up there.