09/12/19 05:56
We're a young guild, with a decent amount of steady players, but several inactive or non compliant teams. Looking for a fellow American guild to merge with who isn't at full strength either. Not looking for affiliation with other guilds, just looking for a solid group who will steadily show up
21/12/19 20:35
Hey bud, I've put together the best, most active USA guilds in USA Rugby Union I and II. I have several teams in both and my top team is in OoA, a top 5 guild. What guild are you in and I'll pop over with one of my teams to chat with you?
23/12/19 06:24
Let me guess, your guild is US Rangers. Another half dead guild. If not, which one?
24/12/19 21:42
Bjorn, how can we help you if we can't find you?!