Is Your Guild Merger Not Working Out For You?

23/10/18 06:56

We have seen quite a few mergers in the game designed to create "Super Guilds". It seems these are not working out that well for many. We have resisted the trend and thankfully we have just topped the new rankings system. Not bad for a mixed level guild.

We have a few slots available at Open Slather if anyone out there is looking for a new home. You are welcome to drop in and say hello and see what it is like but generally we easy going with a good spread of time zones so usually someone around to have banter with in a no pressure environment.

We also have Open Slather 2 as our second guild for lower levels.

You will need to search on Slather as one of the New Zealander's got a bit excited and used a special character in Open. Alternatively look out one of our Top 100 members.

Cheers and we look forward to seeing you.
23/10/18 09:47
Just don't excite the kiwis