The Zambucks looking for active guild

02/03/18 22:03
Hi folks, I've recently returned to the game and am looking for an active guild. I used to play very actively, however after RWC2015 I needed to take a break from the game and have not been active. Since returning, I am climbing up the divisions, presently in Championship 24, and looking to obviously get into the higher echelons before too long.
The problem I have is that I am eager to join a very active guild.
If anybody could use a eager new member ready to learn the recent changes to the game, please do let me know here, and even better, please give me a shot at joining your guild?
An english speaking guild would be preferable, however guild activity is paramount to me.

Thanks for reading.

02/03/18 22:42
Hi Zam. We are an up and coming guild, active and friendly. We have a mostly settled membership but there is a single space at the moment if you want to join. We are called Rolling Maul.

Best of luck wherever you choose

02/03/18 22:54
Sounds promising OxRU!
Playing you now in a friendly. Here's to many a fun match going forward.

Thanks for replying to this thread, very much appreciated.