12/12/17 02:09
After playing a game, during which your players have been penalised for fouls, you look at the stats. None of your team have fouled. Something is wrong. The game should tell us whom has fouled and why.
13/12/17 17:21
Why? Referees, or "Sirs" as BM likes to call "The Men In Black" as I prefer to call them, don't keep "minor infringement" stats in a real game so why should it be any different here? A "foul" doesn't necessarily mean "foul" or "dirty" play but enough to award a free kick, kick to touch opportunity or scrum to the opposition.

As we don't have a "yellow" or "red" card system in this game as yet, be happy your team is getting away with it.
13/12/17 22:13
They are indeed Sirs. Thanks for your response. Sounds like you expect cards at some future point, probably right. I just want as much information about games, ideally a text file of exactly what has happened, so I can understand the dynamics. Like who has commited what foul. One can dream =)