Sending and receiving Facebook heals

18/05/17 15:07
I am still having issues when trying to send or receive heals with guild mates. When I request or send heals it comes up with a red cross rather than a green tick on the request screen. I have had an open support ticket for a silly length of time, I have provided the screenshot as requested and still I am waiting on a response.

All the while I am struggling to heal my players quick enough to effectively play my matches due to this issue.
20/05/17 16:54
If there's a red cross on the heals it generally means you have received heals from that player in the last 24 hours.
22/08/18 14:48
Just a quick one on this. How does the facebook heals send work? Where do I have to go to get it, could anyone please explain the process of setting this up. Thanks in advance.