Information forum

20/02/17 12:22
Hello everyone,

The forum is currently "polluted" by topics that do not have to be on our forum.
If you have any charges or complaints to make, you must make a ticket to the support.
I removed several subjects who did not have their place on the forum.
Disclaimer: Any subject that is intended to harm the forum or staff will be deleted.
Please respect the criteria listed above.

The forum is a place of exchange and not a place of conflict.
I repeat myself but if you have a personal worry with the game or with the staff thank you to make a ticket to the support.

Thanks for advance.
Best regard

20/02/17 16:47
If you have to send me things, thank you to put in title (in the ticket) for fada and give me all the evidence or things showing the worry.
That way the ticket will be assigned to me.
I close the subject to avoid the flood.