25/04/19 08:40
Waiting for the next update : especially the possibility for loan between players in the same guild
25/04/19 11:29
That would get me to quit the game , if loaning players between guilds ever becomes a thing of the game that's the day I say enough is enough yes it happens in real life but the game is already bad enough without players popping in and out of guilds giving each other pack players and selling them on for massive rp and then transfering the rp to other accounts they may own if they have two accounts in the same guild I just think it'd be a step too far. I also think it would be ridicolous to lets say give a 80 a player from a team playing level 90 of the game like some of you're in legions of course that man gunna whoop ass in his league and would only favour those guilds playing at the top to keep them at the top without having to try to be any better and there worst players would become great by default .

I'm in twickenham at level 86 most of the guys in there are in level 75 to 80 sorta region and I could give one of my players to them if it became a thing of the game but wheres the skill in that?
28/04/19 14:22
No way you just know some who have 2 teams will loan out a goalkeeper to their 2nd team & maybe a striker as well it will take the piss