The Stupid Iranians Are Destroying This Game As Usual

09/03/17 00:54

what forum? is there a forum at all when no one from sublinet bothers to reply except in the iranian n french forums (iranians are the source of money for the french-based sublinet)? u need to play this game a bit more n then let us know what u think, or maybe u forgot we all have a right to free speech? lol

good luck!
09/03/17 10:10
Now if that isn't corruption of the highest level I don't know what is today I played a league match and had a player injured before the ball had even been kicked. Explain that somebody ????
11/03/17 20:46
Thanks for the heads up Ash might venture over there, happy to spend time and money away from here
06/05/17 19:30
(*u*) :

Sublinet, first you let the Iranians destroy this game with their 0-0-10 formations, and now, if you see the so-called "top-ranking" teams from Iran Urmia Death, you can see that they are playing really stupid one-sided football.

This is a joke as this is unrealistic and childish football.

However, it is not about being tactically clever but all their teams copying one stupid asshole!!!! Of course, you at Sublinet will let them do as they please.

So, thanks for being twats like the Iranians, Sublinet!!!!!

P.S. This game has become so stupid and you cannot even think of ways to programme it to make it look like a football game? How pathetic!!!

Take it easy ı agree with you but this is the best tactic.i am iranian
07/05/17 17:11
I' used to be successful through legit and good tactics now I can't remember the last Iranian I beat. If It wasn't for the guild I was in i'd of left the game along time ago. I have now got NO INTEREST in playing or even trying to develop my team the only reason i'm still on the game is because of the guild i'm in, but the game is finished as far as I'm concerned. I even consider myself semi retired as I no longer play championships seriously due to being annoyed with so many things that have been allowed and then to mess with my settings not once but twice that's the moment I lost interest in playing. Whats the point in trying to create great legit tactics if they're gunna be messed with on purpose so I lose? i'm sorry that's where my loyalty leaves and I won't be even trying unless some drastic changes are done to the game.
12/07/17 14:02
I think too it's so shit game it's doesn't matter for tactically this is so shit and stupid game fuck your god
12/07/17 19:29
What a nice chap I think if you translate it his name is Brown eye
12/07/17 23:06
and then you lot wonder why we have a problem with you when you make remarks about god that are totally uncalled for and has no relevance to the post what so ever.
14/07/17 02:25
shaun.... i love your comments...what team are you bud?
19/07/17 07:49

I'm in Come on England Guild Team CHELSEA the all caps one not the all lower case one