Building second Stratergy building vs fist Sport shop

04/08/18 04:17
Yes, you re way too smart Elon. All of us cannot quote Don Quixote and talk about dark matter and dark energy in the same conversation..
(Have you finally opened a book?)
The key thing that I don t understand is why you don t apply all your knowledge and advices to your game... you should be winning much more games...
Anyway, time to stop this endless conversation with you. (I will be ignoring your next messages, so feel free to say that you are right or that you won etc. as long as it gives you a bit of happiness in your life, i m fine with that).
Cheers Elon.
04/08/18 04:23
Never looked to win, can't win subjective arguments and sorry for bringing up fiction and astrophysics at the same time. I should have known better? And finally, I acknowledge I'm not good at the game, but it is due to lack of caring and not a lack of ability. My shortcoming can be overcome, inability to comprehend basic game functions cannot. Next time you see me use subs (it's been 10 months) you can tell me I do care.
04/08/18 23:23
Because Monks has said everything i need to which is why i said i agree with monks, the faster u can max ur strat buildings the better, this is hugely important sport shop u will waste money on once your in the top leagues your paying in the 100 million plus range for gear thus if u don't have the money often u miss out on gear till late in the season, upgrade ur strat buildings u will get much more benefit especially in the lower leagues, in the lower leagues u don't need it to win and you shouldnt spend money on the gear you have much more important buildings to upgrade and build before u build and use sport shop
04/08/18 23:45
Agree with the comment related to top leagues.. Amounts are insane at the high levels..
At the low levels, gears are cheap..
On the other side, upgrading the strategy centers costs hundreds of millions as you need to upgrade the stadium/banks to unlock them..(and to get that kind of cash, you need to upgrade the snacks, goodies...etc). Just as a reminder, one level 15 strategy center costs 15 millions.. a level 26 cost 58 millions..(each level takes more than a week to upgrade at the end.. and you need to get a stadium level 20 to unlock the 3rd strategy center..Just the stadium level 20 costs 63 millions).. So it s a multi-months journey to get them.

In my case, and all other players in my guild, unlocking the sport shop in lower levels had direct impact and gave us a significant advantage on all our opponents.. All of us were winning all our championships and tournaments, which gaves us a lot of cash and gold balls to unlock and upgrade our strategy centers much faster.

Anyway, I think people have enough explanations on this topic to make their own choice.
I don t mind at all if they choose the strategy center.. They will need all of them anyway at the top levels.
05/08/18 00:01
Now we all agree, its strategic and subjective. Kumbaya!
05/08/18 01:04
Black Monks :

Now we all agree, its strategic and subjective. Kumbaya!

not me.
The DEFINITIVE answer is Sports Shop - Logic.
05/08/18 01:06
I think we agree that this topic should be ended, and that it s strategic.
On my side, maths have never been subjective.

So let’s agree to disagree. The purpose of disagreement is not victory or defeat, it s progress.
And at the end of the day, it s a game and everybody does what they want... as long as they enjoy the game.
05/08/18 01:09
Jack Talbot :

Black Monks :

Now we all agree, its strategic and subjective. Kumbaya!

not me.
The DEFINITIVE answer is Sports Shop - Logic.

hahaha oh my god.. You have no idea what you re getting into... hahaha
05/08/18 01:59
You have trained him well, but remember the rule of 2 only ensures safety for a limited time with assured destruction in the end.
05/08/18 10:26
Snack shop every time, nom, nom, nom.