New Game

14/05/20 21:07
Hey guys,

Well a lot of us have come to the end of the road with this rubbish from Sweet Nitro. What keeps the vast majority of us playing is the people we have met and the friendships forged along the way. A lot of us would like to keep that aspect going and get shot of Sweet Nitro and all the cheating and shite that goes on in the game.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good guild-based game that we can move over to en masse?

Any recommendations would be most welcome. No Sweet Nitro games though please.

Peace and love. Stay safe!
15/05/20 01:02
Been out of this for a while, our paths have crossed mate numerous times. Like this one, nope can't offer another game but if you find one, i'll lead my guild over - 7's has lost the plot, 15's my lot are losing patience (we don't aspire to be top but at least a fair playing field) - Falkland Sound here
15/05/20 12:38
Hi damage
Not rugby but pro soccer seems half decent and not run by nitro

Instead of a guild its an F.A similar format to a guild though and still part of a team

22/05/20 01:27
State of survival is really good and very guild based.. join map 178