message to sukitansee and peanut butta

20/12/18 09:28
20/12/18 11:12
So you sold his team and binned his strats, except the craptics. Ooh you are a bad boy Greg.

But thanks for the acknowledgement.
20/12/18 11:30
20/12/18 11:41
20/12/18 22:11
Gregory K. Ishii :

So i was wrong about Ashley Longthorn. Correction: Bignose. I didn't realize earlier he's a total attention seeking arsehole and also lies! In Facebook he stole my picture of my bleeding leg without permission, posts it and claims it was him bleeding. I asked him to take the post down but he pretends to be stupid and asks what i was talking about. He later told my guilds that i made a bad false accusation. What a bloody liar! Very unprofessional! He indeed seeks attention and acts poorly! I'm so sorry Peanut Butta and Sukitansee for not believing you earlier, but i didn't expect he'd do this to me! So everyone, if you have him on facebook or elsewhere, stay away from him, he's very dodgy after all! After what he did, i lost trust in him! Total moron and bastard! And he wouldn't even apologize!

Oh my god, he did all that, and to you !!!......If I remember correctly, you once insinuated that I had a drink, and drug problem. Maybe I should have plastered that on the forum......Oh hang on a minute.....I just have.....

Ashley may have issues, but what right did you have to log on to his account, let alone rip his team apart. As this was done via a fb app, you should get a very lengthy ban. This to me, was a very childish act, and not something you would expect from a person with a level head. This indicates to me, that you're not mature enough to run social media accounts, and maybe it would be a good idea for you to delete them all, before you do anymore damage.
20/12/18 23:24
21/12/18 01:41
Well according to the rules....

1. Sweet Nitro can terminate the user with immediate effectiveness and exclude him from the game if
~ He misuses the log-in data of other users in violation of § 3 section 8.

8. The user shall be obligated to immediately contact operator if there is suspicion that third parties have retrieved or may have retrieved the log-in data in an unauthorized manner. If there is suspicion of misuse or the threat of misuse, Sweet Nitro is permitted to temporarily block the accounts involved until the suspicion is cleared.

though only if you're male it seems
21/12/18 02:29
Gregory K. Ishii :

Sukitansee :

So you sold his team and binned his strats, except the craptics. Ooh you are a bad boy Greg.

But thanks for the acknowledgement.

Yea i did lol, and i managed to keep my logins safe from him haha

Looks like he's hung himself with that post. Thought I would quote him, so he couldn't edit, or delete what can only be described as a confession.
21/12/18 21:57
21/12/18 23:41
Gregory K. Ishii :

Well, if he illegally used my photo, and claims it was him, what action i had to do in return? I told him i didn't want trouble, and I asked to take it down, he pretended to be stupid, then he told it to sweet nitro guilds, saying i made a false accusation, so i did that to him, but what i did is very recoverable, so i didn't entirely ruin his team.

Oh my, what a silly little boy you are.....My son was more mature than you when he was 6 months old. Just grow up, accept you were in the wrong, and sort your life out.