07/08/18 12:00
Something is seriously wrong with this game now. I'm not the only one complaining about this. This game is now so random I can't keep up. Play a friendly, win 21-7. Don't change a single thing (myself and my opponent. He is a fellow guild member who is testing this). Play again straight after he wins 56-0. Play a third time I win 10-7. How the hell can this be fine? How can you build a decent working strat with all this going on? Are you really trying to chase all the customers away? I play a guy top 10 and come close, didn't win, but it was a close game. He is 2 levels above me. Then played a guy 4 levels below me and he smashed me. He has some gear but so have I. His star rating is almost 50 lower than mine. Yeah, he could have a good strat but played him again and scored 60 against him without changing anything. I'm sorry, but this is not acceptable.

P.S: I'm not talking about MB here. I'm talking about playing 3 friendlies against same opponent one after the other without changing anything.
07/08/18 12:08
I agree this game is why to random what is the point of playing the game I had a game won 48-0 next one I lost 35-17.. there no point playing this game any more
07/08/18 18:50
Hi 'Disappointed',
Give the name of your team and Guild. I'll have a look at the games, see if I can provide an answer.
The essence of sport is 'random', but this seems extreme.