BMRS redux

01/07/17 14:02
There was a significant error pointed out from our last rating. After review no records were beaten, BIA still holds the record for most points in a top 100 as well as most guild members in the top 100. Also, as of yesterday's BMRS the no 1 guild was BIA since worldwide pirates was actually multiple guilds and not one.

Thank you to Stade Anglais for pointing this out
01/07/17 16:29
Hi !

I allow myself to intervene on your forum.
I want to make a point, the Fijians seem to have placed at least 15 or 16 players in the top 100 recently.
01/07/17 16:48
Not yesterday though, they are impressive for sure and I thought they broke the record. But alas, they did not
01/07/17 16:58
Not yesterday but last month, I'm almost sure
01/07/17 17:20
I believe you, I have always encouraged others to release rankings too. I just got promoted, I'm finishing my 2nd grad school and my wife had a baby (she swears it's mine) last week...needless to say the BMRS does not get released as often as I would like. Thanks yukuloulou, I'm glad folks from the other half of the forum enjoy these rankings
01/07/17 19:23
With pleasure !
I look from time to time on your forum, some informations can be there in relation to us.
I fell by luck on your ranking, very interesting!

Ah ah ! Good luck with (your) baby