Credit cards kill the game !

17/09/16 20:13
Hi guys,
We’re several French historic players who think that credit cards kill the game.
So, we have decided to say it to Sublinet. To do this, we have changed our guild name.
We hope that you going to do the same thing !
17/09/16 23:29
I've noticed that the guild/s promoting this has spent money on one time offers themselves so it would seem the complaint is more related to people having bigger pockets than yourselves.

The developers need to make a living so the use of credit cards will not be removed no matter how much anybody protests.
18/09/16 07:54
ok, i'm agree .... but in this case, sublinet can create an another championship for managers who use credit card. The different going to be too high between classic teams and CC teams. Look, who is the first team ...