Match up - Leveling out the playing fields.

05/10/18 12:42
#Rugga Rebels has an average of 20 guys jump 2 championship levels every season... (go check our stats) we dominate but we cant take on the top guys. WHY? because the team is to strong when you have 200 star difference doesn't matter how good your strat is you cant touch them....

But im done with you and the fact you can't see passed the end of your nose....

Do not argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. and you clearly have loads of experience...
05/10/18 12:49
Thanks hooligan, disagreement doesnt mean inability to understand. If you go through life requiring agreement you will gravely narrow your scope. Fact is spray poo and la cag have proven they are the best and to say otherwise is simply overstating ones own ability while simultaneously gravely understating others.
05/10/18 13:07
Not once did i say they aren't the best...

And i am not trying to get you to agree with not at all.... Give credit due where credit is due.... very few guilds will come close to us that are on our level...

There is a reason 90% of our guild win/top 3 of their championships season after season and no we not a guild that is full of Credit card players.... we a guild that has developed top strategies and have helped the rest of the guild get there as well...

we will guarantee anyone that joins us that with in a maximum of 2 seasons you will dominate your championship and guys a few championships ahead of you little bit of discipline and listen to what we have to share.... all the way from guys to buy how to train how to assign points individual strategies and overall strategy combinations. and strategies are not one size fits all...

but hey what do you know...
05/10/18 13:15
You know how to dominate at levels where opponents are developing. You are a top guild at your level of all you say is accurate. And you can prove it with the system. So I believe you are ranked around 140, so you can see if the guilds around you are higher champ level or not and take solace you are overachieving. But as has been confirmed by every person in the past who thought the mid levels were as difficult as the tops they have all confirmed that they were mistaken. The top levels are all accomplisheindividuals. Now, do you want to argue that you are as good or better than me and I have topped off at 73, I wont disagree with that at all. But to think the top 10 isnt the top 10 is folly . The United states has more natural talent than any other country, we are beginning to dominate other rugby nations at our level and if we make the quarterfinals of the world cup in the next 20 years I will be shocked. All those can be true.
05/10/18 13:38
We haven't found a level yet that is we move up in championship levels yes it becoming slightly harder to beat the guys that are ahead of us, a few seasons ago 15 championship levels above us was easy to beat the guys, that has now dropped to about 8 levels in the 60s and i have no doubt that it will become tighter...

That brings me even firmer back to the point, that if you have a guild of say five 70+ players and the rest for instance in the 55 range, you won't lose to teams that don't have level 70 players because you can't beat the level 70 players (to strong to fast) not a better strategy just to strong. so that guild will essentially have a 5 - 0 GC headstart that you can't make up.... but that guild wont move up because the guilds with 70+ players will destroy them.... hens this system won't balance out...

05/10/18 13:49
If you're curious where the level is that becomes truly difficult it is 3-4 levels from the top. Look at my trophies, as your guild has done before, and remember a few things.
1. I'm ok, but no where near good and even further from great.
2. I dont use subs
3. I havent changed strat for over 10 months
4. I get double promotions regularly and easily 5 levels from the top level
5. I never go above 4 levels from the top.

You all may blow into the top and stay, but it is literally impossible for anyone to know one way or the other at your level. Also, sweet nitro attempted to address the huge number of levels that one must climb to get to the top and there was one guild that led the charge to squash this. I dont lnow what else can be done to hand you the ability to prove yourselves. It was offered and the offer was refused. So yes, you may be a top 50 guild in ability, but you also may be a top 150 guild by ability.
05/10/18 14:23
1. Id say ok... no more
2. Ill sub in a GC match when i am playing guys much higher than myself championship games NEVER. (most of our guild plays like this)
3. After 60 seasons i should hope that you strat is sorted, but it also means you don't adapt to the game you have to move your strat depending on your opponent... 1 strat doesn't work across the board.
4. 60 championships you have played in.... only 27 double jumps (Not so regular)
28 championships 27 double jumps then a 4 triple jumps. (That is regular)
5. is this because you can't?

We might be sitting at 140 at the moment but that has nothing to do with our ability, it has to do with our championship levels we can't compete against the level 70+ ("the level is that becomes truly difficult it is 3-4 levels")

You know what i am saying is right... last 2 GC we have played have only had Level 60s(don't forget we only have 5 players above 60) and we destroyed them 24-10 and this one will be 23-10 if they are lucky(Still on going). we will continue to dominate and move up, till we get that guild that can't move up themselves because their lvl 70+ can't beat the other level 70s but we cant beat their lvl 70s because they to strong in strength and speed... Hens the imbalance that will constantly be here...

This system is much better than the fans matchups, but still a long way from perfect...

05/10/18 14:41
2. I would always sub in championship if I weren't asleep, I was saying that I get double promotions without subs which shows the quality of opponent and the jump that occurs. The jump from top league to the level below is huge, the jump from that level to the next is quite significant and then there is a cliff from 5th level from top. There are no easy games in the top 4 levels. Also, rememebr that my double jumps occurred to get me to the top, then there was no opportunity for double jumps and then I got top ranked overall with no cc players (I can be very good at this game and have proven that, but I'm not now) and then stopped playing competitively. That is how you can see clearly that below my level is drastically easier than above my level. I'm above me is the cream.
3. Exactly, I don't even have to change my strat to get double promotions when I'm not in the top 4 levels, you're coming around.
4 and 5 already addressed.

And you could have solved all your problems by supporting sweet nitros decision to reduce the number of levels but instead you inexplicabbly opposed it. Ruggas made that bed, now you have to lay in it. I wanted you all to be brought closer to the top, I have advicated for it for a long time. But where you are now there is absolutely no way to prove you are better than 140 because the stats you are using have profound confirmation bias behind them. I look forward to you all continuing your journey and if you all continue your progress and in a year beat spray poo I will come on here happily and congratulate you. But I will not say anyone should ever get a trophy for participating.
05/10/18 15:30
Where is this "inexplicabbly(inexplicably - "meaning unable to be explained or accounted for.") opposed it" explicitly(in a clear and detailed manner, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.) is the word you were looking for.

3. "Exactly, I don't even have to change my strat to get double promotions when I'm not in the top 4 levels, you're coming around."
you sitting in 14th with (-150) points in 5 games.... wow solid strat.... Maybe you should change it....

Yes with the way the top guilds table works there is no way to know our real strength... the table is based on the guilds with the highest championship levels in them... (to back this up)spuitpoep 15 level 76 La Cagnannaise 7 level 76 and im sure if i went further down the list it would continue to decrease....

05/10/18 15:59
Inexpicably because I can't explain why people wanted to complain the gap between top level and mid level was too big and at the exact same time make significant attempts to stop an effort that would have addressed the problem!.
Look at my current ship and you might be able to see what is going on won't take much effort I swear.

So can you become a top guild, yes. But the way to do so is climbing the tables, not using confirmation bias to confirm you are a top guild. Thanks