tricherie match arrangé

18/08/16 11:10
You were very quick to judge Pl - people from sublinet suffer from cluelesness, but now that all the iranians are doing it, you dont mention it?? Why??

Today, deadman won 16-0 against a guild member.

I will use google translate later unless some one else can translate properly

Vous avez été très prompts à juger Pl - personnes de sublinet souffrent de cluelesness , mais maintenant que tous les Iraniens le font , vous ne le mentionner ?? Pourquoi??

Aujourd'hui , deadman a gagné 16-0 contre un membre de la guilde.
18/08/16 16:28
that's because of the last match of Fc clue that i'm complaining here,Dead man scored 5 disgusting goals against him that makes him be fed up of the game .
they dont care about that,they dont even answer the message about that .but i saw recenlty that the problem is solved (about the GK),but for defender they still cant catch the ball sometimes