Patch 3.2

21/05/16 08:54
I like the new changes,it seems to be easier to score goals. The guild challenge expansion and the extra strategy settings are good. the free kicks for the wrong teams seem to have dissapeared which is good considering the penalties that can be given. Still the reasons for free kicks are very unclear. Players who have the ball in posession often get a free kick against them.

There also seems to be a new bug in which players just dont move for a couple of seconds. They just look at eachother and dont do anything ...then the game continues.

I do not understand why nothing has been done about a junior training centre ....cant buy a decent player with even 15.000 recruiter points. And of course the tournaments for the upper leagues are still not working.
21/05/16 11:18
haha today , i lost against the last team in my championship because he used this tactic= he scored 3 goals with that , 5 players in front of my GK ...boring match because everytime he got the ball,he doesnt play it,he intentionaly kick the ball oustide to get the chance of doing this "FAIRPLAY TACTIC" ...nice ,he won,good player -_-

"or programme the game in a way where the bunch of forwards are moved in front of the defenders, i.e. if defenders are positioned outside their penalty box, the forwards are automatically moved outside the penalty box too. regardless of the ugly tactics these players use."

it's a good idea....just for this problem with GK ...the rest ,it's not a problem even there are some strange players ...
21/05/16 11:39
I dont know a lot about programming, but if it could be programmed that the striker can never be closer to the goal then the last defender then we would get close to the offside rule (although it is a very complicated rule)

In terms of fairplay tactic ...I find the complaints very selective as I have metioned before.
Is it fair to use match bonus that certainly increases aperformance by 50% (no such thing in real football)?
Is it fair to have 3 striker in front of goal who are only their to collect the loose balls in the penalty area (you have this tactic)?
Is it fair to have 100% agression and injure players from the opposite team (what happens in real matches)?
Is it fair to play 25 friendlies a day to figure out the opponents tactics so you can beat him (cant do this in real football, but you have no problem doing this in the game)?
Is it fair to buy gold balls to train your players more quickly and improve buildings?

The game has a lot of rules and restrictions and just like in any game you try to figure out how and where you can get an advantage. Or are you not going to buy the 5 most expensive pieces of land in monopoly and build hotels because it is not fair to another player?

It is all very selective. This is a game not real football! Besides ...there is no sich thing as fairplay tactic in real football
21/05/16 12:08
well said sa even thou i don't agree with some of the programing of the game we all play by the same rules so hence its fair in that case we might not like it but we all got a chance to play that way
21/05/16 12:34
21/05/16 12:35
As for the other matter:

it's a bit like premature ejaculation when a girl lies naked on the bed and they shoot themselves to oblivion without even touching her! that's what i personally think of such players with ugly teams! funny, sad but true

If I may I will offer some advice:
Play some training matches before the big game. I'm sure you will last a bit longer during the real thing. Dont forget to use heal kitts to get your energy up though. Lower your rythm and agression and dont go straight for goal. Try passing the ball arround first and dont forget to use the gold balls. Maybe even pay a matchbonus to enhance your performance.

If you fail to set up a match, just use some recruiter points.
21/05/16 12:40

Touché Robert
21/05/16 12:43
i've already complained with bonus matches and the using of golden ball (since the beginning i never use real money for this game)....all thoses things are not fair but it's part of the game....i know....but everytime there are suggestions,it's for making the game more real like true game of football...

PS: for my tactic,i used it because i fed up to be the victim...i dont use it everytime,just against thoses players.
(sorry with my english language,i'm still a beginner)
21/05/16 14:07
Hi, Leigh,

While I applaud your forthrightness about the cheating tactics used by some teams, please note that there are other teams who play this game in the right spirit. I presume you meant being gentlemen when we play this game, lest it might be construed as an affront to others? I think it is more of an egoistical problem rather than our insecurities, as I can assure you, from a personal perspective, my life is really, really fine with no necessity for online game victories to boost my self-esteem and confidence!

Suffice to say, I do use these tactics myself but only against teams employing the same tactics, but it does not necessarily mean I am cheating or bullying as I use only normal strategies to play teams with lower quality levels. I am like Randrianasolo, resorting to using these cheeky tactics when the other team play the so-called "Ugly Football".

I believe you enjoy playing endless friendlies against my team, and that is fine with me. However, did you ever see me using 5 to 6 strikers in front of your goalkeeper when I challenge you in return? That is if I am not mistaken about the name of your team.

Pardon me for saying this, but I built my team quality levels by training them intensively, even if it means they lose matches in my boring league matches due to atrocious energy levels. No purchase of Gold Balls as I'd rather save my money to go travelling, explore beautiful places and meet interesting people.

Like the esteemed SA Swans suggested, play around with your tactics and try new formations, and so forth.

I agree that Sublinet needs to adjust the algorithm of matches by pushing the cluster of forwards back to facing the last line of defence.

Good luck and continue to have fun and do not let such teams rile you up too much.
21/05/16 21:53
This is a very apt statement:
"even thou i don't agree with some of the programming of the game we all play by the same rules so hence its fair in that case we might not like it but we all got a chance to play that way" - wise words Taffy

We should not be fighting players whom use "ugly" tactics to win since we all are governed by the same rules.

We should however voice improvements that can be made to avoid things that aren't proper in a collective voice rather than turning on other players.